Throughout the 2009-2012 period more than 40,000 Reg D filings were made by non-financial issuers, with a median offer size of $2 million. In 2012 alone more than 234,000 investors participated in Reg D offerings and 90% of those were listed as accredited. 506 accounts for approximately 99% of amounts sold. Interestingly, only 13% of Reg D offerings since 2009 report using a financial intermediary (broker-dealer or finder). This data, prepared by the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, predates the Rule 506c Framework.

It is impossible to know how many of those offerings would have been made under Rule 506c if general solicitation was available over the referenced period. What we do know is that standards of compliance were raised significantly under 506c. In addition, filing requirements at both the state and federal levels are becoming more complex.

Capital raised through Regulation D and Regulation D/A (amended) offerings*

Year Regulation D Filings (Number) Regulation D/A Filings (Number) Total Amount Sold ($ Billions) Mean Amount Sold ($ Millions) Median Amount Sold* ($ Millions
2009 13,764 7,077 595 36 1.5
2010 17,581 11,864 1,025 26 1.4
2011 18,174 13,284 903 27 1.5
2012 18,187 13,284 903 27 1.5

*Mean and median amount sold based on initial (new) Form D filings only. Total amount sold includes additional amounts and reported in amended filings, recorded at the time of the amendment.

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